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9. Incorporate writing into activities used to check reading comprehension

What to Do:

  • Write predictions prior to reading then revisit after reading
  • Write to demonstrate understanding of story vocabulary
  • Write to tell what happened in the story
  • Create story maps
  • Write to extend the story or change the ending
  • Write a personal response to the story
  • Create plot sequences and timelines
  • Write adapted essays or reports (Writing portion begins at 40 seconds on video.)

Things to Consider:

  • Are you choosing topics and tasks that appeal to the child?
  • Does the child a have a way to select a topic?  Would there be benefit from using a Remnant Book or other collection of topics that are interesting and important to the child?
  • What should the child's writing look like in this activity?
  • What adaptations or supports will the child need?

Always Ask Yourself
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