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7. Teaching children to use written language for self-expression, recreation, and leisure

What to Do:

  • Select an activity that the child is likely to enjoy
  • Offer the child the opportunity to engage in the activity
  • Help the child gather the materials needed
  • Engage in the activity allowing the child to set the pace
  • Give time to explore the materials, think, and make choices
  • Look for opportunities to model writing and to entice the child to write
  • Encourage the child to interact and communicate throughout the activity
  • Provide a way for the child to end the activity
  • Help the child put away materials

Things to Consider:

  • How can you use partial participation to allow the child to engage in age-appropriate activities?
  • This strategy is about recreation and leisure.  As you observe over time, is the child having fun or do you need to consider another activity?
  • Are you allowing the child to make choices including what activities to do and when, where, and with whom to work?
  • Are you choosing activities that encourage the child to interact with others and make friends?
  • When writing to others, are you providing opportunities for the child to write to a variety of people for a variety of purposes?

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