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5. Teach children to use writing to increase organization skills and independence.

What to Do:

  • Note upcoming events on the calendar
  • Keep a record of events using a remnant book 
  • Write notes and reminders
  • Make lists
  • Make a schedule
  • Take notes about what you are learning in class 
  • Keep a reading log of books you have read
  • Create a log to track daily health care needs/tasks
  • Create and use a print or Braille address book or create contacts in a tech device
  • Create a log to track money earned, spent and saved
  • Complete checks or deposit slips to participate in a classroom economy or at home

Things to Consider:

  • Are you choosing the most functional means of writing for each task?
  • Are there adaptations such as signature guides, magnification, contrast, or technology that could increase the child’s independence?
  • Are you supporting the child in generalizing skills to new settings by using a variety of forms and tasks in multiple environments?
  • Can you give the child an allowance or set up a classroom economy to provide opportunities for creating and using financial records?

Always Ask Yourself
Printable reminders for Literacy Activity