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3. Engage children in writing activities for identifying and remembering objects, tasks, and events.

What to Do:

  • Have the child label objects and the places they are stored
  • Record significant events such as birthdays, field trips and doctor’s appointments on daily planners and weekly or monthly calendars
  • Create lists such as things to do, ingredients for a recipe, items for a science experiment, or items to pack for a trip
  • Take notes on or summarize information from content lessons and functional activities (e.g. Create an individualized recipe after a class cooking activity)
  • Record and track activities such as class or homework assignments, books read, or center activities completed

Things to Consider:

  • Are you being a good writing model by allowing your child to see or feel you writing as you talk about what you are doing and why?
  • Are you making writing tasks meaningful by revisiting the child’s writing throughout the day and using it functionally in other tasks? 

Always Ask Yourself
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