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1. Provide opportunities for children to experiment with a variety of writing materials and methods

What to Do:

  • Provide a variety of things to write with and to write on
  • Teach the child the names of all the writing materials (e.g., pencil, paper, markers, crayons, etc.)
  • Place the materials in a location that is easily accessible to the child.  For children with significant physical disabilities, provide a means to request opportunities to write
  • Engage the child in exploring writing materials multiple times daily
  • Allow the child to choose why to write, what to write about, what to write with, and what to write on
  • Take turns writing with the child.  Use your turn to model the next thing you want the child to learn
  • Celebrate the child’s writing attempts by sharing, posting, or publishing

Things to Consider:

  • What will “writing” look like for the child?  Where is the child in the stages of writing development?
  • Are you using materials and activities that are interesting and engaging to the child?
  • Are the writing materials accessible to the child given the child’s level of vision, hearing, and motor abilities?
  • Are you being a good writing model, by allowing the child to see or feel you writing as you talk/sign about what you are doing and why?
  • Are you giving the child time to freely explore the writing materials using all senses?
  • Are you allowing the child to set the pace of the activity?

Always Ask Yourself
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