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The Rainforest K-3

The theme for this unit is the Rainforest. The unit is divided into six lessons: Shape Animals, Save the Rainforest, Mason Jar Rainforests, Virtual Field Trip, Animal Habitat, and Scavenger Hunt. The unit is for 1st graders, and covers 16 content standards, 5 functional based life skills, and 4 technology-based standards. The unit contains hands-on activities, picture sorts, videos, songs, read-alouds, and interactive games. The unit is aimed to teach students the environmental characteristics of the rainforest, animals and people who inhabit rainforests around the world, and the needs of living things. This unit was created by Brittany Gladman.


Content Standards


Animal Habitat Vocabulary

Mason Jar Vocabulary

Save the Rainforest Vocabulary

Scavenger Hunt Vocabulary

Shape Animals Vocabulary

Virtual Tour Vocabulary


Materials and Resources

Acitvity Map

Animal Template for Interactive Board

Resource List

Book List

Book List



Unit Calendar