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5. Implement comprehension strategies after reading

What to Do:

1.  Check for student text comprehension through the use of symbols (object, tactile, photo, line drawing representation) or words (sign, print, braille)

  • Single concepts/characters, actions
  • Sequence of events
  • Story retelling

2.  Use various strategies to determine story comprehension of single concepts, sequence of story, or story retelling

  • Cloze procedure: Use sentence strips with object, tactile, photo, line drawing representation or words (sign, print, braille) for answers
  • Story mapping or visual mapping


3.  Provide choices of answers using symbols understood by student - (object, tactile, photo, line drawing representation) or words (sign, print, braille)

  • to participate throughout comprehension activities
  • to expand the student's answers, to provide more complex answers and to expand participation to more complete comprehension activities

Things to Consider:

  • Are you using symbols demonstrated through an assessment process as being understood by the student?
  • Have you identified the key comprehension questions that you want the student to answer after reading the story?
  • Are you allowing enough time for the student to respond?
  • Are you taking into consideration issues such as clutter, contrast, etc. when presenting literacy materials?

Always Ask Yourself
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